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Ruskotunturi today

3/3 Lifts open

2/5 Slopes open

1/2 Snowparks open

Opening hours:

Mon - Fri 16 - 20

Sat- Sun 10 - 18

Altitude difference 50 m

Slope length

350 - 400 m

Kids world

Rope tow lift 120m



Lean-to & Firepit

Lift capacity

4000 pers./h

Main line - anchor and button lift

Ruskotunturi is a skiing centre few kilometers from Oulu centre. All skill levels and every age is welcome to enjoy fun day outdoors.

Ruskotunturi offers lots of things to do for every age! Apart from the skiing slopes, you find two snow parks to hone up your freestyle skills. Our own childrens world with its activities offer lots of things to do with kids. Rope tow lift, carousel, toboggan slope and leanto with a firepit. We arrange fun events skiing season around!



We have two snowparks for every level of adrenaline packed freestyle fun. Parks consist of different obstacles such as boxes and rails. There are several lines in both parks so you can choose one suitable for your skill level and weather conditions.


Junnupark is designed to cater the needs for those who are just starting their freestyle career. Beginners can easily advance to bigger lines when Junnupark is getting too small. Jumps, rails and presses are small or medium sized and all of them have extra long landing zones for added safety. Kickers are not too big for every beginner to hone up their freestyle skills safely. Rails and presses are easy or medium. We build Junnupark in a way that it is easy to advance to Ruskopark side.


Ruskopark offers bigger hangtimes and more difficult rails and presses for the advanced riders. Kickers are shaped in a same way than on Junnupark side to ensure safety on advancing to bigger airs. Rails and presses are medium or advanced level. When shaping and building both parks ee try to cater the needs of both, snowboarders and skiers. Every park is maintained regularly even during the day by our park team. Park features and rail positions are to be changed during the season and we listen the needs of our  regular park rats to offer the best for everyone.



We organize huge number of events during the winter. From park competitions to kids days etc. Look into our future events and show up to enjoy adrenaline packed day outside!


All prices include lift tickets and rental equipment is priced 10€ for the duration of the course. 


What can be learned in Werneri ski school?

Basics in every course start from the skiing etiquette. You get to know your skiing equipment on the flat before heading to slopes. Safe ascending with a rope tow, t-bar and button lift, skiing etiquette, group skills and helping others. Person who has completed Werneri courses is skilled enough to advance on their own to continue their hobby in skiing or snowboarding in ski- or freestyle team.

LumiWerneri (SkiWerneri) and LumilautaWerneri (SnowboardWerneri) group size is 4 to 10 persons.

Age limit for LumiWerneri (Ski) is 6 years and LumilautaWerneri (Snowboard) 8 years old.


Last day to enroll for the courses is two days before the course starts. We notify two days in advance if the courses are cancelled for some reason. 




Contact info

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040 178 1341

Ski school

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